Use Your Experiences

This sounds pretty “white girl problems” -esque, but I turned in my apartment keys over the weekend and officially moved back home to eastern PA now that I’ve graduated from college. I thought, being a twenty-something girl who’s had her fair share of boyfriends, that I knew what heartbreak felt like. But I honestly feel like I broke up with my apartment and my heart is aching.

It’s been on my mind a lot lately, and I always get this weird mix of emotions that I absolutely cannot put words to. Never did I think I’d ever be at a loss for words to describe anything, let alone an emotion, but I am truly incapable of coming up with a word to accurately convey what I feel about the entire experience: graduating, leaving State College, and moving back home. “Nostalgia” comes close, “heartbreak” comes closer, and “depressed” is a term I usually reserve for people who are diagnosed with the noun form.

But now to tie this back into writing…

Despite how downright depressed I really do feel at times, this experience is great for getting my mind back into the creative writing mode. Each night I’ve tried to sit down to explore these emotions and try to figure out what words will describe and evoke the same feelings in readers, which is tough, considering I don’t have any established vocabulary that gets the job done the way I want it done. It’s forcing me to think long and hard and actually consider my word choices.

The point here is that when we have these tough experiences, even ones that don’t seem to be so tough in the long run, it’s important for us as writers to write about them. What better way to describe an emotion than to describe what it feels like when you’re actually feeling it at that very moment! It’s the very definition of writing what you know! And it doesn’t have to be just for sadness, but happiness, joy, excitement, relief… the list goes on. It’ll only make your writing better to readers.

With that, I’m off to try to find words for my feelings! Happy writing!



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