Raw & Unedited

Raw and unedited, like the title warns, this is the first piece of fiction I’m publishing online. It’s just a snippet, but I’m acting on the advice of a good friend and taking a risk.

It was the most comforting embrace she’d ever felt, but damn it all to hell, the spark was still there.

Tears. There should be tears. There were tears during the last “Final Embrace” and that’s how Stevie knew it was the end. There was no question that it had been over.

But there was no certainty, no finality in this embrace; only pure comfort. It was an “It’ll all be okay” hug, not a “This is the last time this will ever happen” hug.

And while for most this would be a thrilling and momentous event in a relationship, it was a devastating blow to Stevie’s achingly slow crusade against her emotions for the relationship that was never supposed to be.

There was a little wall made from straw protecting her heart, and the big bad wolf was on his way to blow the entire house down.

Phew. Raw and unedited, straight from brain to keyboard to computer screen. What a rush!


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