YA Fest (we need more of these)

Check it out. http://yafest.blogspot.com/

A Lehigh Valley library (in Easton, if you’re familiar with the area) is hosting the first Young Adult Fest to celebrate YA Fiction next Saturday, August 4. They’ve got about 30 area authors coming to sell and sign copies of their books, and they will be having panel discussions with the authors. The goal is to attract local kids toward libraries and reading.

I think this is wonderful. With my background in education, I know for a fact that kids don’t read anymore. I asked my students once how often they read books outside of school, and the responses I got?

“You mean read a book that I don’t have to read for school?”

“I don’t even read the book we’re reading now.”

“I have better things to do than reading.”

“People read books for fun?”

This is not an exaggeration, and believe  me, their writing and test scores showed it. I made them read out loud every day by going up and down the rows in class, and you wouldn’t believe how many of these 15 year old students struggled to read materials that were at a 5th grade reading level (these were 9th and 10th graders).

It floors me because I was an avid reader in school. I love reading even now. More events like this YA Fest will help kids get interested in reading and writing again. I’m going to the event to check it out and maybe mingle with some of the authors, so I’ll post an update about it next weekend. If anyone in the blogosphere is in the area, I encourage you to attend as well!


2 thoughts on “YA Fest (we need more of these)

  1. I sure wish I coulf attend this event even though I am a senior citizen. When I was interviewing prospective employees in the late 1990’s, I was in a state of shock after reading their applications. Yes, they were college grads but I could hardly believe it. The fact that they could not spell correctly led me to believe that they probably were not readers. I worry about the dumbing down of our students in America. Keep up the good work in your classroom. We need more teachers like you.

  2. Harry Potter has really increased the interest in YA, which I have always loved anyway, even though I’m not exactly a young adult now. It’s really crossed over. I loved the Hunger Games as well, though I still haven’t had a chance to see the movie. I’ve been reading the Percy Jackson series to my daughter, and I love those books. Clever, funny, filled with action and even a bit of romance. He said he’d never go back to adult books, because kids are serious fans and let you know it.

    Sometimes it is just finding the right book. My daughter had some delays and hated reading and really struggled. But when we got into those books, she got impatient with me to read and started reading herself, even though it was way above her grade level. Good for you for continuing to encourage reading with kids. It helps so much.

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