Make it happen in 2013!

I know it’s a little late in the game for “2013 goals” posts, but I have been stricken with the flu that’s been going around in the U.S., and today is the first day in a while that I’ve felt up to the task of putting together a coherent post! So I thought I would share my goals for the new year with you all, in the hope

Happy New Year 2013!

that, like the announcement of starting my novel, it helps me actually follow through! I have three major goals that I hope to work toward this year.

Goal #1: Finish what I start!

The simple task of completing something I begin working on has always been my biggest obstacle, not only in my writing, but also in other areas of my life. When I was younger, I didn’t think of this as a huge issue (more about that in another post!), but now that I am in my twenties, I understand how crippling this habit is to any success I could potentially experience. So, in 2013 I will overcome my inability to finish projects, follow through on commitments, etc. I challenge you to do the same!

Goal #2: Pursue writing completely and thoroughly – No Regrets!

My whole life has been a see-saw balanced between whether I want to hold a practical job with a stable salary and benefits, or throw caution to the wind and give myself over to the writing and publishing world. There’s no better time than now, when I have few responsibilities, no roots, and hardly anything keeping me from doing what I want to do. In five or ten years, I might not be able to say these things anymore, so in 2013 I will be pursuing writing as hard as I can to see where it gets me.

Goal #3: Face all challenges, setbacks, problems, and obstacles with a positive attitude first.

This goal, more than the other two, has the biggest potential to impact my daily life. Last year was a difficult year for me. My inner strength was tested to the limits, I moved back home for the first time in four years, and it was a year full of adjustments and not-so-ideal turns of events. But in 2013, I will change my attitude when it comes to new challenges. Instead of feeling defeated and depressed all the time, I want to be positive and smile more! Hopefully that will translate into feeling better about all aspects of my life.

So there you have it! Those are my major goals for the new year. I won’t bore you with my personal goals, but these “Big 3” are resolutions that I think many people in this community can benefit from. Good luck, and feel free to share your own goals! We can all keep each other motivated together. 🙂

Thanks to for the sweet 2013 clipart!


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