A new, FREE alternative to Duotrope!

Money, money, money

Hello writer friends.

I’ve been asked to pass around the link to a new, FREE alternative to the popular submissions tracking website Duotrope. As many of you know, Duotrope recently became paid-subscription only. But this new site is looking to fill the void it left in us broke, penniless writers. It comes from the guys who bring you diabolicalplots.com.

So here it is. http://thegrinder.diabolicalplots.com/

What’s cool about Grinder is that they promise to keep it free.

“We believe that that value of a good tracker lies in the statistics and any attempt to restrict access will dilute and diminish that value.

For that reason, The grinder will NEVER have a compulsory cost to the writers who call it home.”

Now, I am not too familiar with Duotrope, as I haven’t been submitting work seriously enough that I really needed it, and I know I won’t pay to use it. So I can’t really fairly compare the two, but I think based on the site’s statement that I quoted, Grinder really has some potential to compete with Duotrope. For those of you who ARE seriously submitting your work, let me know how Grinder works out for you if you decide to give it a try!


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