Interning in the Publishing Industry

NYC Skyline… pretty, isn’t it?

I’m soliciting opinions here. I’ve recently decided that I’d like my career to move more in the direction of publishing. Of course, right now my only real publishing experience is in journalism, but that’s better than nothing, right?

So in an effort to learn more about the industry, I am contemplating applying for some internships at literary agencies and publishing houses this summer. I know that most publishing internships are unpaid and are more about the experiences you have as an intern, and I’m okay with that. I live within a commutable distance of NYC, and I noticed that many publishing houses have programs where interns telecommute and only have to make limited trips to the physical offices.

Of course, if by some miracle I managed to get an internship that does pay, I would be willing to rent an apartment in the city for the four months of summer and can afford to do so.  I’ve always wanted to at least try living in NYC, even if I end up hating it. That way I can at least say I did it once!

My question for you all today is this: Anyone with publishing industry experience, what are your recommendations for places to intern and why?

Right now, with the light research I’ve done (I’m very early in the process… I first needed to make sure this would be a feasible option for me this summer!), I’m liking Levine Greenberg Literary Agency. I’ve heard great things about the place, and I found the names and contact information for some former interns (they don’t call me a journalist for nothing!) that I was thinking about getting in touch with to ask about their experiences there. Is that a good thing to do, or would most people prefer not to be bothered?

I’m really open to anything. Essentially what I want is a learning experience, first and foremost. You know, just something to put on my resume that says, “Hey, this girl has some experience so she probably knows what’s she talking about!”

Any and all advice or comments are entirely welcome. Most of my experience lies in the journalism end of the publishing world, so I would really appreciate any tips or tricks. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Interning in the Publishing Industry

    • Thanks so much for the tip! Thankfully I’m more concerned with having a good, insightful experience. To be paid would be a fabulous bonus, though! Thanks again – I’ll be sure to check out your link.

  1. I know you’re thinking on a far larger scale, but a rather small way to get your feet wet is to help with an established literary journal. Just a thought. Split Lip has a few interns and I treasure them. Most are young pups in college. Maybe something to think about if you look into the big league journals.

    • Fantastic idea – I hadn’t thought of literary journals before. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I’m so glad I posted this. Everyone’s got great advice so far!

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