Anna L. Davis is a writer/blogger who’s found a position interning in the publishing field. My jealousy aside, I think the advice she’s sharing is really cool for anyone interested in publishing someday! Check it out.

Anna L. Davis

istock_000001992238xsmallI’m a writer, working undercover as an editorial intern at Henery Press. Here’s what I’ve learned in almost three months on the job:

1. Editors are NOT CYBORGS. I know this is a shocker, but it turns out that editors are human like the rest of us. They laugh, smile, sleep, eat, and enjoy emails that begin with their real name instead of “Dear Editor.” They are regular people, who just happen to work in publishing.

However, today’s market requires editors to have cyborg-like qualities. In addition to ridiculous amounts of reading and editing, editors must also function as publicists, social media experts, business managers, market analysts, and negotiators. Writers who respect the editor’s time and humanity (in an industry that doesn’t) will stand out.

2. Publishers will probably GOOGLE YOUR NAME (if they like your writing). Privacy is dead. The sooner we as writers accept this, the more…

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