Starting a New Chapter: Life in the City

So, since my last post (waaay back in 2013 … oops) I have graduated from grad school, acquired a full-time job, adopted a dog AND moved to the great city of Philadelphia! Locals may recognize the skyline in the header photo.

That all happened in the fall of 2013, and the move came shortly after. I spent all of 2014 adjusting to adult life (and life with a pup), and decided to move to Center City at the end of last year. Thus far, it’s been an adjustment. Life in a city is very different from the life I grew up with. Some of the differences are great (I can walk just about anywhere) and some are very awful (I pay rent for a PARKING SPACE). On the whole though, I am very pleased with how things are going here.

Having a dog helped ease the transition. Philly is super dog-friendly, with tons of dog parks and training classes all over the place. It’s been fun getting established and meeting other folks with friendly dogs. In fact, this afternoon I spent the warmest day of the year so far at the dog park enjoying the weather and letting my pooch stretch his legs with other city dogs.

Another community I’m starting to engage with is the literary community. As I’m sure the majority of the literary population knows, Philadelphia has quite the publishing history. It’s one of those facts that you forget about when you grow up right outside the city. I’ve enrolled in some fiction writing classes and a writing workshop that starts in April. I’m so excited to start building up my portfolio again – I might even consider an MFA program if the finances work out!

Since I’m getting back into the writing life, I thought it prudent to get back in the habit of updating here. If I learned anything in class, it’s that getting words on the page (regardless of outlet) is the first step!

Til next, happy writing!


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