The short version: Educational technology enthusiast with an affinity for well-written prose.

The longish version:

Passion for writing? Passion for technology? Wonderful – you and I are from the same nation. I’m an up-and-coming IT pro and experienced writer looking to break into both fields. I’m sharing every helpful tidbit of information I can collect from other writers/IT nerds, established professionals, and personal experiences. Hopefully you can benefit too! Keep reading to find out more about me, follow my blog for all my latest writing and IT adventures, and do some exploring while you’re here to learn a little more about living life as a techno-geek who knows the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Get involved in the conversation, too!

The really long version: I am a recent college graduate in the northeastern U.S. I majored in secondary education, but I spent all my spare time writing. I wrote for the student newspaper, the undergrad literary magazine, my hometown newspaper (hence my consistent use of AP style), etc. Writing has always been a little more than a hobby but not quite a job for me.

This is my chinchilla.

This is my chinchilla.

My goals for this site are to find a place in the writing community, and maybe eventually a small audience for anything I am confident enough to publish here. I’m always looking for tips, tricks and strategies in the writing/publishing world, so feel free to share! And thanks for reading, of course.

Interested in Guest Posting? Get in touch with me via email at katrina.m.wehr@gmail.com.

Contact Me

Portfolio: Click Here

Twitter: @katrinamwehr for business, @kmwehr for pleasure

Tumblr: http://kmwehr.tumblr.com/

Scribophile: http://www.scribophile.com/authors/kat-marie/


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