Community Library Expansion Project Hinges on Voters’ Decision

Community Library Expansion Project Hinges on Voters’ Decision

I’m back from my blogging hiatus this summer to share this story of a local library in my area that wants to expand. Of course, since this 2013 and the economy still sucks, the library can’t fund the project on its own and would need a tax increase or a seriously generous donor to get the project off the ground.

In the article, the school board voted to allow the question of whether or not to raise the library tax on this November’s voting ballots for municipal elections, effectively leaving the decision of whether or not to fund the project in the hands of the voters.

I’m all about democracy and I totally support allowing taxpayers decide how to spend their money, but that isn’t the point of why I’m sharing this article. What breaks my heart about this story are the comments underneath the article (you might have to search for the news outlet’s Facebook page to see most of them, for those who aren’t local. I’ll post the link if enough are interested!). So many residents in the community talk about how they don’t need libraries, and how the project is a waste of resources. It’s simply terrible.

Here is one gem from a user on Facebook: “Libraries are a waste of money in this day and age……who even brought this to the table…so they not have a smart phone???? or do they like wasting tax payers money”

Clearly, there is a deep need for literacy education in this soul.

Of course, there are some people who are passionately fighting for their beliefs. For example, another poster writes: “While our little library and the librarians are great, we cannot keep up with what libraries have become with the size of our library now. I cannot believe there are people saying libraries are unnecessary due to the Internet and smartphones. Sure you may be lucky with all that but there are still people without those amenities and the library is a place everyone can use the Internet for free. And ummm…books…have you ever heard of those??? Also, a human who is knowledgeable and can help you with whatever research you have.”

See the difference here between the person who supports the library and the one who doesn’t? Which one would you rather have working at your company? Teaching your child? In your group for a group project? Yeah, I thought so.

I frequent this library, and it truly has outgrown itself. There are always people there, and I go on Saturday mornings, Wednesday nights, and Friday afternoons – all throughout the week, really. I’m always squeezing past people in the shelves, and the waitlists for any book published in the last two years is at least 30 people long. You can never get on a computer because they’re always being used, and the library won’t even accept book donations because there is no room. I realize that money is a serious issue (believe me, I have firsthand knowledge) and perhaps the municipality can reallocate some funds to lesson the burden on taxpayers, but outright refusal to even support the idea of expansion of a library is a tragedy.


In Need of Creative Ways to Store Your Book Collection?

Books? Like those paper-and-ink thingys? Yeah, people still got ’em. And if you’re like me and never get rid of any of your books regardless of how many times you’ve read them, you will love these incredibly creative and unique ways to display/store/show off your collection.

Click here for the article from

My particular favorite is #5 (linked & pictured above). What’s yours?

Critique Blog Hop Week 8

It’s Sunday, and that means another addition to the Critique Blog Hop! You can click that link for more information, or check out this page on my blog for the details.

This week I’m returning to my highest priority work-in-progress – On The Surface. These are the freshest 250 from what I’ve managed to add to it over the past few weeks… my schedule just has not been kind to my creative side lately. These are also the (current) first lines of the second chapter. I’m considering changing the point of view for the story, as I feel it may be more powerful in the first person POV rather than third. Any comments or thoughts on that are welcome!


Liza wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of cleaning up the house. It would undoubtedly be a huge task, and why did they have to sell it anyway? After all, the house was still filled with Pap’s belongings, and most of his wife’s. She just knew her mother would get emotional, and then her dad would become annoyed and the whole thing would go to hell. Just thinking about the impending hours in the old house was exhausting.

They pulled into the cracked cement driveway between the house and the garage. Liza couldn’t help but notice her grandmother’s rose bush was blooming beautiful, bright pink flowers. They were still somewhat closed, like roses that people get for corsages or in arrangements for special occasions. They weren’t exactly buds, but they still had some time before they would open completely. She sighed as they walked past the bush and underneath the overhang.

“I’m so glad you decided to stay home for school, Liza,” her mother said over her shoulder. “You’ll be able to help us get the house ready.”

Before she could stop herself, she rolled her eyes at her mother’s comment. Luckily, though, her mother was in front of her and wasn’t looking. She knew her parents had been nervous about her college decision, but they were not the sole reason she chose to stay home when she could have gone to the state’s best school – three hours away.


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Critique Blog Hop Week 7

It’s Sunday, and that means another addition to the Critique Blog Hop! You can click that link for more information, or check out this page on my blog for the details.

HUGE thanks to everyone for the positive feedback I got on my rewrite from week 6. I really dropped the ball on critiques last week — but I also dropped the ball on overall blog maintenance altogether last week. What can I say? It was a rough one for me (but spring break is almost here!) I promise to make up for it this week!

Anyway, here are my next 250 words. This is two excerpts from a WIP where I exercised the double viewpoint narration strategy.  In order for it to make a little bit of sense out of context, I took 125 ish words from Character A’s point of view, and the rest from Character B. It’s a new technique for me, and it might be tough to get the gist of what’s really happening in 250 ish word chunks, but I’m going to try anyway! Thanks all!


He was walking to material sciences when he saw her the first time. Dressed in a black skirt, a dress shirt, and heels, she strutted purposefully up the sidewalk toward him. She was carrying a notebook in her arm and a messenger bag over her shoulder. Her cell phone was clenched in her other hand, but she wasn’t looking at it. They were surely going to cross paths, but this time Trevor didn’t have time to think of the right thing to say. She was getting closer.

He opened his mouth and began to raise his hand to wave, but Aerin wasn’t looking at him. Rather, she was looking in his direction, but her mind was clearly elsewhere. Some things never change, he thought. Within seconds, she had click-clacked past him, off to wherever she was headed so quickly.

Trevor couldn’t believe it. Snubbed by a girl he hadn’t spoken to since sophomore year of high school.

She was late. Well, technically she was right on schedule, but in the journalism world, early is on time, on time is late, and late is… well, you might as well just go home if you’re late.

Aerin was en route to the top of campus, forced to walk after missing the bus outside the downtown office of the campus newspaper. And as she was walking up from the office, she failed to notice the boy coming from the opposite direction toward her. She drew in a sharp breath and exhaled quickly, sweat beading on her forehead. Why did this meeting have to be on the complete opposite end of campus? And her heels – they were not working in her favor at this moment.

Her phone buzzed in her hand. You at the meeting yet?… Was all she could read before the screen went blank again.


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Critique Blog Hop Week 6

It’s Sunday, and that means another addition to the Critique Blog Hop! You can click that link for more information, or check out this page on my blog for the details.

If you read my contribution last week, then you’ll recognize this post. I decided to rewrite last week’s 250 words based on the feedback I got, to see if I could improve the scene. Any comment is welcome! And don’t forget to check out others’ posts, too!


Cory engaged the parking brake on her car and removed the key from the ignition. She’d sent a brief “here” text message when she’d turned down his street, and usually he came out to meet her, but as far as she could see, he was nowhere in sight. It worried her.

It could only mean that he wasn’t having a good day, which meant nothing good for her, either. She shuddered as a memory of the last time she’d caught her boyfriend on a bad day floated to the forefront of her thoughts.

Cory lifted the red and gold embossed envelope from the passenger’s seat, clutching it to her chest. Maybe she would wait to share her news with him, she thought. It would probably just sour his mood further. But she knew if she didn’t tell him now, he’d probably hear it from one of their friends, which would make his disposition worse. After all, big news travels fast in small, rural high school circles.

She tucked the envelope safely into her bag and zippered it shut, absently wrapping her lanyard around her fingers as she exited the car. The keys jingled together as she walked.  Without thinking, she began swinging them in the air, letting the lanyard fabric wrap itself around her hand. The twisting and untwisting motions grew faster as she got closer to the door, matching the fluttering feelings in her gut.

She hesitated at the door and, after a beat, knocked to announce her presence. She knew his parents weren’t home, but part of her wanted to give Alex a warning that she was here, that he better get it together and chill himself out if he was in one of his moods.


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