Pinterest in Writing

Happy Monday everyone!

I wanted to let you in on something I just started up last week as I was stalling on my current WIP.

I created a private board on Pinterest to post inspirational photos related to my characters, setting, and themes. At first I thought it would just be a distraction and an excuse for me not to work on my manuscript, but it was actually beneficial. Pinterest_Favicon

For those who aren’t already clued in, Pinterest is basically like having all the corkboards you could possibly want, each devoted to its own topic, and then having access to all the pictures/articles/media in the world to tack on the boards. Popular boards revolve around planning one’s wedding, or finding photos of outfits or work clothes you love, places you want to visit, ways to decorate your home, craft ideas… I could go on and on. I love Pinterest, but the idea of using it as inspiration for my story had not occurred to me before.

I highly recommend this to anyone just starting out on their stories. There are LOADS of photos on Pinterest, and it’s easy to find things that match the description in your head of your character, or their home or school or workplace. It makes writing so much easier when you’re blocked!

Does any of you guys already use Pinterest to kickstart your writing? Does it sound like something you might try, or are you too easily distracted by the interwebz? Let me know!


Was Perusing Tumblr Today…

And discovered the “writing” tag. I mean, I knew it was always there, of course, but I decided to actually legitimately read it today. I was impressed with how many people simply pour their souls out into a couple lines of poetry for all the world to search on tumblr without so much as a disclaimer. And here I’m only ballsy enough to put links to my edited and pre-published work!

But yes, the writing tag on tumblr. If you’re looking for a confidence boost, I highly recommend it. There’s just something about seeing other people do what you are trying to do that makes it seem a lot easier and less intimidating. Here’s the link, if you’re not familiar with tumblr:

Hope this helps anyone who’s in the space between having written and polished a project and hesitating to take the plunge into actually putting it out there for others to read. Good luck and happy writing!

A Great Twitter Account To Follow

This nifty twitter account was retweeted on my feed earlier today. It’s @AdviceToWriters, and from the quick perusal of the author’s past tweets, it appears that the account tweets mainly quotes, links, and other tidbits of wisdom for writers. The particular RT that I saw read:

Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators. STEPHEN FRY

According to the account info, there’s a website by the same author. You’ll have to forgive me if this is already a mega popular site, but hopefully others who also live under a rock will find it helpful and inspiring!