CNN Coverage Essentially Replicates Onion Parody of Student Athletes Overcoming Rape Charges

Image from CNN Steubenville coverage

Image from CNN Broadcast via ThoughtCatalog

In case you missed it, I’m referring to the verdicts in the rape case involving two teenage boys who repeatedly raped their classmate while she was passed-out drunk at a party. Not only that, but they took photos and videos, posted them to social media, and bragged about it. One of the boys is even quoted in the videos saying something to the effect of “She’s so rape right now!” As some outlets have reported, the boys could identify their own semen on her body in the photos.

Tried as juveniles, they were found delinquent (a.k.a. guilty) of their crimes and sentenced to one and two years minimum in a juvenile detention/rehab center.

I don’t know about you, but to me, any day that rapists are convicted and made to pay for their crimes is a fan-freaking-tastic one. However, CNN (and as it turns out, an alarmingly large percentage of people online) chose to cover the story and throw their support with the two rapists who were convicted.

Yes, you read that correctly. People actually feel sorry for these two teenagers and blame the girl they raped for “ruining” their “promising futures.”

Like, seriously people?! If someone chooses to rape, then I don’t think their future was ever really that promising to begin with.

As was pointed out earlier at the Comic’s Comic, CNN’s coverage is shockingly similar to a parody produced two years ago by The Onion about student-athletes overcoming their rape convictions. Watch the videos. See for yourself.

Some of the more disgusting responses to the verdict have also been compiled at If you want to completely lose faith in the human race, then I suggest you head over there and check out the not one, but TWO posts filled with rape apologists, victim-blamers, and advocators of rape culture.

What shocks me to the core is that some people believe that this girl, by drinking too much and passing out at a party, was ASKING TO BE RAPED. People actually think SHE GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED. Those boys just did what anyone in their situation would do!

As if this case cannot veer any further off the reality track, it was also reported earlier today that the victim’s name has been released by various new outlets. Not only is this a major violation of journalism ethics, but also one of the human moral code. Honestly. This girl is 16. She’s been forcibly raped and had it not only posted on social media, but also thrown into the national spotlight. Now her name is attached to this horrific incident, shredding and last bit of privacy she may have felt she had.

It’s a sad day in the world, folks. I have no words. It’s just sad.


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